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I got to talking to a good friend of mine about this scene and decided to share it with everyone. It’s one of my favorites from Lone Wolf.

lone wolf cover scanned 500 x 750Matilda ran down to med lab, wondering what on earth could have happened. She had felt a jolt of power run through her ring finger when he held her hand, his ring close to hers. Then his eye sparked, going off like a flare! She hit the door to med lab just as the bot doc ran up from below. Matilda stood aside for her to pass. The young woman thanked her, trotting up to the gurney where Wil was sitting, a bloody gauze pad over his left eye socket. The eye sat in a kidney tray beside him, smoking, staring at the ceiling, its silver pupil spinning erratically. The doctor and med tech were running a scan, trying to determine internal damage.

“Colonel, these readings are extremely irregular. In fact, I’ve never seen anything like this. It looks like its already starting to heal.”

The doctor frowned at the screen, willing it to divulge its secrets. Frustrated, she hit some more buttons on her scanner, targeted an area on the screen, enlarging it. The bot doc went over to the screen to look at the area around the eye.

“Interesting configuration. You’ve had this awhile, haven’t you?”

Wil just glared at everyone. He hated to show any kind of weakness and hated more to have a fuss made.

“I’ll be fine, doc.” He barked at the petite, blonde woman. “Just clean me up. I’ll heal.”

He turned to the bot doc who was examining his eye. She was so tiny, she looked like an excited child with a new toy. Her dark curls shook with anticipation.

“This is incredible, Colonel! This isn’t a series I’m familiar with. It’s compatible with several types, but must be a customized job. I have the tools for it, no problem. I can fix it unless something inside the circuitry is fried. I can make a mock up for you to wear in the meantime.”

“I’ll wear my patch. That’s not necessary.”

The doctor and medical technician started on his eye socket. Having not seen it before, Matilda was fascinated and disturbed at the same time. It was bloody and raw looking, but the interior was lined with a fine metallic mesh. They closed around him with their swabs, gauze, and antiseptic. After cleaning, they patched it. The doctor looked at him expectantly.

“Time for your injection now, Colonel. Drop your drawers and bend over. We may not use anything as archaic as needles, but this has to go in your hip or it will be uncomfortable.”

“It doesn’t hurt, Doc.” He grumbled but the doctor wasn’t giving an inch.

“Not just for pain, sir. It’s a full spectrum antibiotic, it’s also a healing accelerator. We’re going into cryo soon, remember? You can’t have a fresh wound for three years.”

Frowning and muttering, Wil undid his pants. His modesty had left him over sixty years ago when he entered the military. He dropped his pants, exposing a very fine rear end. The doctor and technician, who was also a woman, looked at each other.

“I’ll flip you for it,” the tech said.

“Like hell!” The doctor laughed heartily. “I outrank you!”

She prepared the shot as Matilda looked on with amusement, giggling behind him.

Wil glared at her. “I’m glad you find it amusing, Captain.”

Matilda had tears running down her cheeks, watching the women fight over who got to give the shot.

“I’ll remember this later, Captain Dulac.”

“Oh, can’t I just touch it?” The med tech sighed.

Wil looked over his shoulder. “Go for it, sweet cheeks. Anyone else want to grab my ass while I have it on display?”

The bot doc ran up, pinching him. “I’m sorry, Colonel. But, oh my God! I never saw such a great ass in my life! Yummy!”

Matilda nearly fell on the floor. They were all talking at once, their suggestions getting more detailed, as he pulled his pants back up. A few of the comments made her stand up and stop laughing. She cleared her throat.

“Excuse me, ladies. He’s spoken for.”

The all looked at her dumbfounded. The technician blushed and got busy on the other side of the lab.

“Captain, I apologize for our unprofessionalism. It’s just that,” she pointed to Wil’s ass. “Is a thing of beauty.”

The bot doc muttered something incoherent, taking the eye with her to her lab. Matilda smiled at the flustered medical team.

“I understand, ladies. He has the same effect on me.”

Her smile was warm and friendly as she walked past them, took Wil’s face in her hands and planted a huge kiss on him. Then putting her arms around him, she grabbed his ass with both hands, pressing him to her. After a few moments, Wil came up for air, holding his head.

“Baby, take me home right now. I’m feeling lightheaded. Not just from the kiss, which was a hell of a kiss, by the way. Doc, what did you put in that juice? I feel like shit.”

He staggered, puzzled that the medication was able to take such control.

“Little concoction of my own, sir. It’s going to help you sleep. I want you to go back to your stateroom and rest. And I do mean rest, Colonel. The blood vessels in that socket could rupture if you get too energetic. Captain, please see to it he follows my orders.”

“Doctor, you have my word, he will rest until dinner. After that point, I can’t guarantee his behavior. He gets frisky after dark.”

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