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lone wolf cover scanned 500 x 750When I originally wrote Lone Wolf, I had a tendency to put in too much back story. I tried to whittle some of it away and still make sure the information was there. This is one such section.

Wil was in the Galactic Marines. Early on, it was evident to the brass that he was much more than he knew. He and his best friend, Marc Slatterly, were beyond exceptional. Lying about their age, they started in the Marines at 16. By the time they were 20, they had lived through more hell than anyone else. They were tapped for a special ops unit who were genetically enhanced by a team of doctors.

After an incident, the unit was disbanded and the members tried to reassimilate in society. It wasn’t surprising that of them all, only Marc and Wil made the transition. All their former team members are dead.

Wil got his enhancements at twenty-five. Past that point he hadn’t aged a day. Although he knew many of his enhancements, some were still secrets. For example, he had no idea that they had planted a trap that was triggered if he was telepathically probed. He simply knew telepaths reacted adversely to his presence. Images flashed in the mind of the offending telepath, so perverted and gruesome, they couldn’t retain contact. Some of the worst images came from his own memory, not programmed by the doctors.

Other skills had to be implemented with conscious control. The pheromone treatment was a secret until a careless med-tech made a note in his chart in front of him. After confronting the doctor, Wil was told they hadn’t said anything because the treatment wasn’t fully effective. The pheromones needed to be purposely applied twice to the intended target. They wanted it to be automatic and instantaneous.

Wil was actually glad it hadn’t worked as intended, or every woman he touched would have been his slave for life. As appealing as that might sound, it was unsettling. After some experimentation, he found he could attract a woman by using the skill only once. All of them, that is, except Matilda. Her ability to resist puzzled him.

Sometimes he wondered if he and Marc were even totally human anymore. There were so many things they took for granted, but normal people couldn’t do the things they were capable of. He certainly had never seen other octogenarians who looked twenty-five years old. Their hearing, eyesight, fine motor skills, reflexes, strength, lung capacity and endurance had all been altered. Had medical team realized what they had done? Did they know that the results of their actions, however well intentioned, had robbed Wil and Marc of a normal life?

© 2014 Dellani Oakes

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