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There are many new characters introduced in The Maker, one of them is Lordvik. He will tell you about himself below, but let me say that I am quite honored that a man of his statue would agree to talk about himself with me. ~ DO

Second Wind: What is your story?

Lordvik: My story is told, in small part, in The Maker

SW: Who are you?

L: I am Lordvik, Dark Storm, Parveet of the Timokuan, Descendent of the Great Lord, Leordovik.

SW: Where do you live?

L: I was born on a planet, far away, whose name you cannot even pronounce. I now live on Shakazhan, ancestral home of the Timokuan.

SW: Are you the hero of your own story?

L: I do not claim to be a hero, though many say I have done heroic things.

SW: What is your problem in the story?

L: The problem is, my family and I have been uprooted from our home, called forth by the Sentience. We must travel to Shakazhan in order to protect our families and our home.

SW: Have you ever run from conflict?

L: No, I stand and face it bravely as a warrior of the Timokuan.

SW: How do you see yourself?

L: I am as I am, no more and no less. I know my skills and I fight with my mate, Tianna, beside me. We bravely face every foe, side by side.

SW: How do your friends see you?

L: I hope that they see me as a man of honor who does what small tasks he can to protect home and hearth.

SW: How do your enemies see you?

L: My enemies do not see me. They die.

SW: How does the author see you?

L: She thinks I am strong, honorable and brave. She believes me to be a man who will do what is needed to end a conflict expeditiously.

SW: Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?

L: She has, to the best of her ability, portrayed my better qualities. Perhaps a few of my worse ones too.

SW: What do you think of yourself?

L: I am not a man to brag, but I must say that I kick serious ass (to borrow from the vernacular of this place)

SW: Do you have a hero?

L: Leordovik, my ancestor and hero of my race. I look up to him.

SW: Do you have a goal?

L: To defeat the Kahlea.

SW: Do you talk about your achievements?

L: My achievements are well known. Why brag about them?

SW: Do you have any special strengths?

L: I am able to stay clear headed even when hell breaks loose.

SW: Do you have any special weaknesses?

L: My love for my wife and our family. I will risk all to protect them.

SW: What do you want most in life?

L: A glass of exquisite brandy and a fine cigar.

SW: What do you need?

L: The love of my wife and family.

SW: Have you ever killed anyone?

L: Never ask a warrior that question. Assume that it is true.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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