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white lie coverWil gets unexpected visitors and an abrupt end to his vacation. He breaks camp and is about half done when the team comes to collect him. Among them is a Corporal he knows, Penny Stennis. He greets her in his usual, seductive way.

Penny melted against him despite her resolve not to. Barry must be going nuts with jealousy, but what could she do? When Wil was around, she couldn’t think straight. All that she had in mind was feeling his strong, lean body sweating next to hers, his arms holding her tight, his thighs against….

“What?” He’d spoken to her. “I’m sorry, Colonel?”

“Come on, Penny, tell me Greyling’s plans.” He nuzzled her neck, nibbling an earlobe.

“Honestly… Colonel… Wil, I don’t… know.”

His hands traveled over her body, leaving a tingling trail in their wake. Barry cleared his throat loudly, demanding their attention.

“Ready to go, sir.” His salute was almost, but not quite, a rude gesture, but it was implied nonetheless.

Wil chuckled, then laughed at Barry’s retreating back. “It’s all right, Thompson. Getting her warmed up for you! I promise to leave her hot and happy.”

Penny’s face burned. Why did he have to talk like that? He made her feel cheap. To her, their time together was wonderful. He made her feel special. Now, she realized she was one in a long list of women. She was dating Barry, but Wil made her turn to jelly, quivering inside.

Wil glanced down at her. The top of her head barely reached the middle of his broad chest.

“Coming?” He flashed the smile which had won her over in the first place.

“Not yet,” she whispered.

He chuckled softly, an incredibly seductive sound. “I’ll avoid the obvious response to that, Corporal.” His thumb brushed her neck again, heightening her desire for him. She blushed a deep red.

“I meant I have to report to Greyling before I go. She wants me to watch your transport.”

“She doesn’t trust me?”

He failed to look sincere. She smiled up at him.

“Any reason she should?”

“None whatever.” He moved closer to her, his fingers playing across the small of her back. “I’ll see you later?”

His dark eye searched her face, almost pleadingly. She wanted to say no, she was involved with someone, but her lips couldn’t form the words. His look was compelling, but not just in a sexual way. His expression, the first genuine one she had seen, melted her heart.

“Okay,” she heard herself say. “I’d like that, Colonel… Wil.”

He cupped her chin in his calloused hand, leaning his face to hers, Wil kissed Penny just as the teleport beam caught him, lifting him away.

Penny contacted Greyling, then she, too, ported to the ship. As soon as she was aboard, the bridge crew set the coordinates for their maze run. She barely had time to secure herself before the ship made its maze interstice and she felt the inexorable pull, like was turning inside out. A few minutes of disorientation passed slowly, then with a lurch, she felt the ship ease into ubiquitous space.

“I always wondered what that would feel like during sex,” Wil remarked as he squatted by her. She must have looked appalled, but he laughed. “I dunno, guess I’m weird, I find it erotic.”

“To have your navel twisted over your head?”

Wil chuckled and shrugged one shoulder. “It affects me a bit further down.” He touched her cheek tenderly, pushing a wisp of hair from her cheek. “Come on, I’ll buy you dinner.”

She managed a weak smile, leaning against his shoulder. “This is a military ship, Colonel. The meals are free.”

“Well, I always said I was a cheap date.”

Laughing softly, holding her hand, he helped her up. She did so more gracefully than she thought she would right after a maze run. Wil had a way of making her feel graceful, ladylike. For someone who was career military, and treated like a man 24/7, it was a treasured moment.

They ate dinner in his opulent quarters, usually reserved for traveling dignitaries. They were served by a steward who kept giving Penny questioning looks behind Wil’s back. It amazed her how sometimes enlisted could be more snobbish than officers about such a relationship. Since it didn’t bother Wil, it hardly mattered.

“Thank you, Edwards, you may go. I’ll call you later to clean up.”

The steward hesitated another moment to give her another look.

“That will be all,” Wil’s dismissive tone was unmistakable. “And stop giving Corporal Stennis those looks,” he directed at Edwards without taking his eyes off Penny.

Paling noticeably, Edward bowed and left.

“How did you know?” Penny asked him.

“His reflection, just there,” his fingers brushed her cheek. “In your left eye. I saw him every time.” He took her hand, leaning over the table to kiss her. “Does it bother you that I’m an officer?”

She shook her head. “No, sir. It used to, but not any more.”

He smiled tenderly. “When I am alone with you, we are just Wil and Penny. No one else matters. Nothing intrudes. And you sure don’t call me sir.”

©2015 Dellani Oakes

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