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ShardanaShardana seems to take great pleasure in tormenting Jase. She has a nasty sense of humor and frequently tries to trick him into getting hurt.

Much as he loved this amazing environment, Jase was tired of Shardana. Several times he’d asked his superiors to replace him, but they wouldn’t budge. Someone needed to study and document this discovery, a job that would take years. Shardana tolerated few scientists and had driven more than one away. For some reason, she liked Jase and would allow only him in her presence. Since even her own people weren’t allowed to be around their queen, it was a privileged position. Some days, like those when she was in a temper, Jase didn’t particularly like being the queen’s favorite. She could be demanding, arrogant and cruel.

There were times when she could be sweet and gentle. He loved her then, wanting to be nowhere else but by her side. She would feed him delicacies with her own hands, sometimes allowing him to eat the food off her naked body. He never returned the favor as she had extremely long, sharp teeth. He could never be sure that she wouldn’t take a notion to add him to the menu.

Their sex life was mind blowing. There was no other word for it. No human woman did for him what Shardana did. Occasionally, he bemoaned this fact in his private journals when he was alone. He wanted to return to humanity, but knew that Shardana had probably spoiled sex for him for the rest of his life. Her wild, uninhibited style was intoxicating. Her strength and stamina were greater than any human woman’s.

Shardana jumped out of the water onto the shore. Some of the more adventurous peraquin nibbled on her skin. She shook them off. Several flew in his direction. Jase dodged the deadly little projectiles easily, letting them fall gasping to the ground. Shardana scooped them up, dropping them back into the water with an indulgent giggle. The marks of their teeth marred her skin, but she didn’t care. The wounds would heal quickly, leaving no scars behind.

Water pooled around her feet in slightly oily puddles. The water here wasn’t exactly like that outside the dome. Jase couldn’t drink it, not that he wanted to. Some nasty bacteria lived in that water. Only the most aggressive of sanitation systems could filter them out. Instead, his drinking water was pumped in from outside. When his supply ran low, he went to his private quarters for more.

Shardana grabbed him, holding him close to her naked body. She kissed him. As always, his own anatomy betrayed him. He loved her, desired her—but it was more than that. Shardana emitted strong pheromones when she wanted him. Coupled with her strong psy abilities, she could bend Jase to her will. He had strong psy walls, but Shardana knew how to get around them.

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