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Though she is vicious and cruel, Shardana has her softer side—sort of.Shardana Actually, she has a very aggressive sex drive and she makes frequent demands on Jase to accommodate her. Though she scares him, he never tells her no, because her anger scares him more.

Her strong, bony hands tugged at his clothing as her kiss turned more aggressive. Jase succumbed with her will. She could be brutal when she didn’t get what she wanted. Besides, it was what he wanted too. Instead of letting her rip his clothing to shreds, as she had done more than once, he took them off himself.

They lay on the soft, mossy ground beneath an ancient tree. Shardana pushed him onto his back, straddling him as they kissed. When she decided she was ready, she mounted him. She expected him to be ready for her, she always did. After she climaxed, Shardana shoved him away and dove in the water. When she came out again, she lay next to him once more, snuggling close.

“You will do that again,” she said.

“As many times as you wish, my queen.”

She stroked his body, pulling him close with her leg hooked around his. “Do you wish to leave here, Jase?”

“Sometimes I miss home.”

He tried to suppress those thoughts. He didn’t want her to know about his home or the outside world. God forbid they ever let Shardana out of the dome!

“Do you miss—someone special?”

Where did that come from? She barely understood that concept. Why was she asking that?

“There’s no one special back home.” Not entirely true, but why elaborate?

“Not even Althea?”

He glared at her. “You’re reading my thoughts again. Stop that.”

“When you sleep, I find her in your dreams.”

“We’ve talked about this, Shardana. Keep out of my dreams. Stay out of my head. You don’t have any business there.”

She levered herself upright on one arm, eyes blazing a dark red. Fury made her hair stand out like static electricity. “The Queen’s Business is all business, Jase. Don’t forget that. I go where I wish, visit where I wish, take what I wish. You will serve me now,” she demanded, tugging on him somewhat uncomfortably.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes


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