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ShardanaBack at his secret quarters, away from Shardana, Jase is greeted by Althea via video link.

“Jase, hi! I had the pod contact me when you came in. How’s it going?”

He leaned back in his seat, feet on the console. “Not bad. I’ve been a busy boy today.”

“Really? What have you been doing?”

He raised an eyebrow, lowering his chin as he stirred his coffee. “You sure you really want to know?”

“Jase!” She laughed, throwing a pen at the viewer. It bounced back at her making her laugh again. “So, the Queen continues to find favor with you?” Was that a hint of jealousy in her voice?

“Thus far. I’ve yet to fail to please. Honestly, Thea, I can’t help wondering how much longer this can last. She’s not the most patient. I mean—it’s not like they’re civilized here. You know what it’s like.”

Althea had studied the other, less vicious inhabitants of the dome. “The Icthyuman aren’t so bad, Jase….”

“The other Icthyuman aren’t Shardana,” he countered quickly. “How many times do I have to go through this? She could kill me anytime she wanted. You’d never know what happened.”

She cleared her throat delicately, indicating that she had something to tell him that was likely going to irritate him. “Not specifically true. We’ve had you under observation.”

“What!” He leaped to his feet, furious. “You’re spying on us? Me?”

“We had to have more than your reports to go on. It wasn’t my idea, Jase. The word came down from Lawson.”

Fredrick Lawson, her boss. He was an arrogant, opinionated, uncompromising sack of shit.

“So you’ve seen everything.”

She nodded, glancing away from the Tri-D. A slight blush rose from her collar, spreading upward. “Only Fred and I have access….”

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