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ShardanaWorse news follows. Not only are they spying on his daily activities, they have discovered that it is possible for Jase to impregnate Shardana. Like the praying mantis or black widow, after mating, Shardana eats the male. If Jase were to get her pregnant, his life would be over.

“Goddamn it! Does Lawson really want me dead that badly? If so, I’ll pitch myself into the river with the peraquin. I have a feeling it would be a better death!”

“You’ve made a name for yourself here, Jase. The scientific world stands in awe of Dr. Jase Thorngold. When you leave the dome, you could run Cosgrove Industries.”

He sat quietly so long, she thought the viewer had glitched. Tapping her controls, she called his name. Eventually, he responded. Blinking slowly, he gazed into her deep blue eyes with his dark brown ones. A tear hovered near the corner of his left eye.

“Thea, you have to get me out of here. Go over Lawson’s head. Appeal to the board, do whatever you have to. When she wakes, she’ll come looking. She knows where this place is even if she can’t find its front door.” He leaned forward, appealing to her humanity. “Shardana is coming into her fertile time. Twice a year she takes a mate and conceives. Their gestation period is only a matter of about ten weeks. If I mate with her in that time period, knowing what we know…. Thea….”

His voice caught, slightly strangled by his emotions. “I don’t want to be here anymore. I want to come home. I want to see the sun again, not the artificial light of the dome. I want to swim in the ocean and drink water that won’t kill me. I want to be with a woman who hasn’t got razor sharp teeth and scales! I want you, Thea!”

God, he’d let it slip. All these conversations were recorded. Who knew the number of people who had access and he’d just let his greatest secret out.

Althea gulped, nodding. “I’ll see what I can do. How long can you stay in the pod?”

Jase glanced at his watch. He’d already been gone three hours. Shardana wouldn’t sleep that much longer. She’d come looking and she’d want him to do her bidding. If he was lucky, she wouldn’t want sex right away. More likely she’d want a meal—preferably not him.

“Maybe an hour, two at the most.”

“I’ll take your concerns to Lawson.”

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