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ShardanaUnsure what to make of it, Jase hears from Shardana that she wants to take him as her life mate and have his child. Skeptical, he isn’t thrilled about joining her for the long trek to the Mother’s Veil, the legendary birthplace of the Icthyuman race.

Wishing he could make up an excuse, Jase went with her calmly, if not willingly. He felt better knowing she wouldn’t immediately eat him, but the prospect of being here as her life mate didn’t make him feel much better. He wanted to go home. How could he make her understand that he had no desire to stay with her? That he could think of a dozen places he’d rather be? She had extended an honor to him. If he refused it, she would kill him.

The light of the dome dimmed as evening grew near. Jase glanced at his watch and yawned loudly, stretching his arms in an exaggerated fashion. Shardana glanced at him.

“You’re tired?”

“Yes. You just had a long nap. I worked hard for you without rest afterward. Can we sleep tonight and leave tomorrow when I’m rested?”

“Of course,” she purred. “But first you will….”

She left the remark hanging. He knew what she wanted. He could smell her sex scent fill the air, swirling around him like an intoxicating cloud. Shardana tugged him forward to her lair. His compliance guaranteed, she removed his clothing. This time, for whatever perverse reason, she treated him gently, doing things for him like a human female. How did she know? He could only imagine where she’d come by the information.

They were together twice before she allowed him to sleep. He lay on his side, head tucked against his arm. Shardana watched him sleep for a time, then rose silently. Making her way to a secret part of the jungle, she found the flower that spoke to her. The face flickered into view.

“I did as you said,” she told the face.

The man nodded solemnly. “You’ve done well, my Queen. The time grows near for you to have your heir. It will be like no other, a perfect blend of Icthyuman and Human. Did he like the new way?”

“Very much. Your words were wise.”

“And did he believe you about the mating ritual?”

Her turn to nod. A sly smile twitched her lips. “Of course. Why would he not? We chose the words well.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes


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