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ShardanaJase has had some bad news—apparently, it is possible for him to impregnate Shardana. Not pleased by this news, he reluctantly goes back to her. He doesn’t know that she’s been talking to Lawson and they are plotting against him.

“You are wise, my Queen. Any chance he’ll wake?”

“Doubtful. I worked him well as you can see.”

His smile was smug. He had seen. He enjoyed watching the younger man mate with the ferocious queen. It had become his favorite pass time, watching the two of them couple like wild animals. The kid had quite an imagination, that was for sure. He’d done things to the Icthyuman queen Lawson hadn’t even dreamed about.

“You should go back now,” he told her gently. “He might wake and wonder where you are.”

“Soon I will have my daughter,” Shardana said.

“Soon, my Queen. I promise.”

She left as quickly as she’d come, running silently back to her bower.

Jase rose shortly after Shardana left. He didn’t believe what she said about their mating. A part of him knew she wouldn’t break from tradition just for him. She’d had no life mate from among her own kind, why should he be different? Mating under the waterfall was simply a way to get him so far from safety that no one could help him.

Dressing rapidly, he took off barefoot across the dank jungle floor, losing himself in the dense undergrowth as he wound his way to the pod. Once there, he accessed the door, sealing it against Shardana. Should she actually find it, he didn’t want her to get inside.

He keyed up an outside line and uploaded all his files, sending them as quickly as possible to a private server. His own files were on a special drive. He updated it rapidly and sent copies to Althea by a computer backdoor. He knew she had her own files, but he also sent his private journals. Removing the small drive from the computer, he put it in a special plastic cylinder. With a large glass of water, he swallowed the device.

The door to the dome wasn’t far, only about half a mile from his pod. He’d argued for having direct access from the pod itself, but Lawson had overridden him. As always, the old man had his own agenda.

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