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lone wolf front

This lovely cover by Suzette Vaughn

Welcome to the world of Lone Wolf. It’s 3032 and mankind has conquered the stars. Strange creatures walk among us, but we are the aliens now, finding homes among the various races of other worlds.

Marc Slatterly and Matilda DuLac are members of the Galactic Mining Guild and they encounter a problem with a product in deep space. After contacting their command, they are told to expect someone to pick up the troublesome ore from them—a Gypsy, of sorts….

Enter the Lone Wolf – Wil VanLipsig has lived a long, and not so happy, life. Genetically altered by the Galactic Marines decades ago, he looks 25, when he’s really far older. It’s obvious after this first encounter, he and Marc have a history.

He wore a black eye patch over his left eye and a scar ran from his left temple to the corner of his lips. A slight stubble of beard shaded the lower half of his face, all but the scar line, leaving a pale crescent in the dark. His uncovered eye glittered, black and dangerous in his ruggedly handsome face. He waited as they scanned for weapons. He stepped forward, lighting a dark, thin object. The pungent odor of a cheroot filled the confined space. Squinting past the smoke he gazed into Marc’s eyes. Marc’s weapon pointed at the other man s head his expression predatory A crooked grin cracked his face in half, the scar pulling his left lip up at an odd angle “Marc, It’s been a long time.”

Marc remained aloof, not taking his eyes off the visitor, lowering his weapon or acknowledging the proffered hand.

“Kind of a cold reception, isn’t it?”The smile was replaced by a slight frown, a hint of sadness in the obsidian eye.

“I thought you were dead, Wil.”

“You thought you killed me. I got better.”

© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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