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The Kahlea front

This fabulous cover created by Suzette Vaughn

I introduce a couple of new characters in The Kahlea, one of these is Master Yktobo. He is the Master of the Medallion, the chain of office which Mai wears around her neck. He abides there, for one can’t quite call it living, when he’s not actually alive. It is his resting place, where his consciousness abides. Mai goes to him for answers, but must do combat with him, in order to get her answers. Lord Yktobo is not only the Master of the Medallion—he is Kahlea.

Bellowing his fury, Yktobo rushed Mai, attempting to beat her with his tentacles. Mai reacted without thinking, leaping aside, doing a handless cartwheel, landing in her fighting stance, ready for his attack. Spinning angrily, Yktobo rushed blindly toward her, too furious to pay close attention. Her left hand reached out, grabbing a handful of his flailing tentacles. She brought her right in high and fast, slapping him in the face.

Surprised, Yktobo ceased his attack. “What was that?”

“It’s called a slap, you old fool,” Itza countered happily.

“I know what it is, woman, but a slap on the cheek won’t kill a Kahlea.”

“You told me to use the unexpected,” Mai giggled.

“Did you expect that, Yktobo?” Itza asked, hardly masking her amusement.

© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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