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Beautiful New Cover by Suzette Vaughn Beautiful New Cover by Suzette Vaughn

As some of you know, I am reissuing four of my books since cutting my ties with my former publisher. Until today, I have refrained from saying why I got my book rights back, but I can no longer be silent.

I was cheated.

Yes, it pains me to say it, to think that I was taken in, but I (and several more authors) were lied to and cheated out of our money—money we earned, deserved and promoted for. At first, this publisher seemed on the up and up, and for awhile, it was. It was a gradual slide. I saw my royalty checks dwindle and stop altogether. I thought I simply wasn’t promoting enough, so I kicked it up a notch, still nothing. Then, the company declared bankruptcy. It took months to get my book rights back, and I never did get all…

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