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lone wolf first four covers

Covers by Suzette Vaughn

Yes, friends, that’s right! The Lone Wolf books are finally coming back! Now, with new and more beautiful covers, you can get them in e-book form and also in paperback. However, if it hasn’t got this colorful new cover, it’s not an authorized Dellani Oakes edition.

Lone Wolf – Book 1, will hit the shelves on Saturday, June 11. Shakazhan – Lone Wolf Book 2 will return on Saturday, July 9 and The Maker – Lone Wolf Book 3 will follow on Saturday, August 13. I’m taking September off to visit my mom in Kansas, and will get The Kahlea – Lone Wolf Book 4, out in October. No set due date yet.

For your reading enjoyment, I have a short teaser from The Kahlea – Lone Wolf Book 4, coming in October of 2016.

The Kahlea front

Cover by Suzette Vaughn

The compound was eerily silent this late at night. It felt odd being outside at this hour. A shiver ran up his spine and he was almost sorry to be alone. Matilda lay asleep on Styx and Mariah had spent the night with Marc and Becky on Hammer. With a shrug to ease the tingle, he walked forward, hands in pockets, shoulders hunched against the cold. He’d forgotten a jacket and even he got chilly on occasion. His Kindred suit covered his body, providing the heat he needed.

A shadow moved to his right and detached itself from the duty post he was passing. The soft challenge, asking for a password, gave him the feeling of companionship. The young man stepped forward more into the light after Wil spoke the correct countersign, and smiled, offering the young man a cheroot.

“Lone Wolf, what brings you out at this time of night? It’s only for bats and night owls like me, not old men like you. You should be home asleep beside your beautiful wife.” He took the proffered cheroot, leaning over to the light Wil held up.

Wil chuckled. “Acey, anyone ever tell you that you’re completely full of shit?”

Smirking the younger man replied. “No more full of it than you, Old Man. Want company? The fellow relieving me is due any minute. You’ve the look of a man who doesn’t wish to be alone.”

“Actually, for the first time I can remember, I really don’t want to be alone with my thoughts. I find myself to be rather sullen company. I’d be glad to have you to talk to.” The two men leaned against the wall of the duty hut, waiting for Acey’s replacement in silence. When he arrived, Acey checked out and departed, walking aimlessly. Wil had intended to visit Leordovik’s tomb when he’d come down, but somehow Wil was drawn a different way. They walked slowly to the edge of the lake, gazing into the still, black water.

“The sky is so empty here, not like at home,” Acey said with a hint of regret.

“I know. My home world was alive with stars. I’ve seen so many other planets in my lifetime, so many night skies. I don’t know, sometimes this place seems like home and other times it’s like I’m a stranger here.”

“I know the feeling well. It’s disconcerting.”

“To say the least.”

“What brings you down here, Lone Wolf?”

“I don’t know. I thought I was gonna talk to the mummy,” this was the slang term for Leordovik’s entombed body. “I think maybe I came to talk to you instead.”

Acey laughed with a touch of irony. “You’re the last person I can think of who would want to speak to me on any occasion.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Truly, Wil, we’ve never gotten along terribly well. I don’t think you even like me very much.”

Wil puffed slowly on his cheroot, using the time to examine Acey appraisingly. Blowing out the aromatic smoke, he squinted through the haze before his eyes.

“On the contrary, Acey. I don’t dislike you at all. You’ve been kind of an arrogant young punk, but when I was your age, I was so full of myself, I was disgusting. Why I didn’t get myself killed in a bar fight, I can’t imagine. Maybe in my own way, I was being watched over by a guardian angel, who knows?”

“You believe in angels?”

Wil shrugged. “After what I’ve seen the past seven years, kid, I’m ready to believe just about any damn thing.”

© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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