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alton cropped Picture made at Azalea’s Dolls

I broke the deal. I killed the witch! What have I done?”

Saved us all a lot of trouble,” Old Jon said, grinning. “And you didn’t break the deal.”

But how? We promised no harm would come to her.”

No,” Alton said, smirking. “I promised I would do her no harm. I never said you wouldn’t. When she said you will not harm me, she chose to mean both of us. But, you couldn’t speak then, only I. You couldn’t give your word, therefore, the oath wasn’t binding to you. For the purpose of the deal, you meant only me. One small word has saved us from destruction.”

How could she be held accountable to help me, then?”

Because, my friend, I said us.”

© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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