Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redJordan’s parents are friendly, even if her mother is a bit different with her beliefs in crystals and meditation. Brian takes it in stride, delighting in her openness.

Jacqueline Barrett gazed at him, tilting her head with her eyes half shut. “Your favorite color is dark green. You were born in May and you love lima beans but hate raw tomatoes.”

Brian’s eyes grew rounder with each pronouncement. “My mom told you all that, right?”

“Nope,” Jordan assured him. “I heard the entire conversation. Lima beans never came up.”

“Are you psychic, Mrs. Barrett?”

Jacqueline giggled, touching his cheek with the palm of her left hand. “Not exactly, dear, but I know things about people that I can’t explain.”

“You’re right, down to the last detail. Not even my mom knows my favorite color is green. Well, she knows, but doesn’t understand that not all greens are created equal.”


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