I missed a few days, due to Hurricane Matthew, but I’m back and ready to rumble! Enjoy Part 22 of He Thought He Saw.

Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redBrian and Jordan have been invited to a bonfire at his friend, Chase’s house. Jackie says yes, provided that Heath goes along.

Brian’s mother reluctantly agreed to let him go to the bonfire. She didn’t like the idea of him being out at night. After a bit of cajoling, he got her to agree. He’d be surrounded by others, he’d have Jordan and her father with him. After all, hadn’t he fought off the whirlwind by himself? He judiciously left that incident out of his argument. He didn’t think that his mother would like it. He hoped that Jordan’s parents wouldn’t mention it to her, though he was sure that Mrs. Barrett would probably tell her husband.

At 6:50 on the nose, Mr. Barrett drove up. He helped Maribelle into the front seat while Brian hopped into the back. Jordan greeted him when he got in. They drove to Jordan’s…

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