Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redJordan and Brian arrive at Chase’s house with Heath. Brian introduces Jordan and her father.

“Good to meet you, sir. My dad is right over there, trying to start the fire. Excuse me.” He ran to his father’s side, hollering instructions over the music.

Everyone gathered around as the flames took. Kindling and dried leaves crackled and the flames jumped higher. Everyone grabbed sharpened greenwood sticks and started jamming hot dogs and marshmallows into the fire. Brian got some sticks for himself and Jordan. They roasted a couple of cocoanut marshmallows for Heath, who then opted for a root beer.

Brian and Jordan sat on a log close together, trying to stay warm. Although the fire burned brightly, their faces were toasty, but their backs were cold. Brian gazed deeply into the fire, hypnotized by the movement and color. His father had often teased him about being a pyromaniac. He…

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