Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redWhile at the bonfire, things take a nasty turn. The teens notice something dancing in the fire, but are unprepared for an attack by fire elementals.

Brian didn’t even think. With a surge of strength, he threw his end of the cooler at the fire. Without watching it land, he ran across the clearing to where Jordan stood, swatting at the flame creature. Her sticks were blackened and burning, no longer an effective weapon.

Avoiding the fiery grasp, Brian leaped toward the water faucet and grabbed. The rusty metal scraped and cut his fingers, but he wrestled it into the on position. Jordan grabbed the hose, aiming it at the fire creature. Brian turned the faucet full on.

“Put your finger over it,” he called to Jordan.

She did as the said, decreasing the size of the hole to increase the range and pressure. The cold water splashed into the…

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