Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redHeath and Jackie decide that Brian and his mother don’t need to be alone and insist that they sleep over at the Barrett home.

“Mom and I heard a weather report. They expect a storm late tonight. Probably won’t be school tomorrow. Even if there is, Mom is so freaked, it’s unlikely she’ll let us go.”

“I don’t want to start on any of this tonight. I’m beat. I just want a shower to get the smell of smoke out of my hair.”

Jordan showed him the bathroom and got him out a couple of towels. Before Brian went in the bathroom, she stopped him with a hand on his arm.

“You saved my life tonight,” she said quietly. “I don’t know how to thank you.”

“It’s easy, you just say it.”

“Brian, thank you for saving me,” she whispered. Her dark eyes filled with tears and she leaned toward…

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