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character-quotes-imageI’ve been working on a ghost story, a new venture for me. The following isn’t character quotes, per se, but in the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to share this little bit.

You’re a grown ass man,” Lyle chided himself. “Nothing but a little swamp gas….” The fog closed around his car and he drove in wary silence along the muddy track.

Creatures seemed to loom around him in the dark, back lit by the moon. Giant hands appeared to reach for him as he drove by, their spindly fingers clutching at his car. Speeding up, he put the radio on. An old Depeche Mode song was playing and he cranked it up. It was impossible to take anything frightening seriously with Dave Gahan singing. The song ended and a commercial began. Lyle took his eyes off the road for a second to turn it down.

When he looked up…

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