Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redAfter seeing the icy invasion, they wake Heath. He sends them to the kitchen to find anything they can to fight the ice. The power is off, making them even more afraid.

The teenagers went downstairs and rummaged around in the kitchen. They gathered matches, candles and cans of Sterno. When they got back, they found that Heath had blocked the base of the windows with towels and blankets. Jordan placed the Sterno cans and candles in foil pie pans scattered about the room. Brian lit them and they gathered in the center of the room, waiting.

After a few minutes, they noticed the ice melting and evaporating. Slowly at first, it got faster when they moved the Sterno closer. Mindful of the towels, they waited and hoped that no fire elementals decided to come to call. The ice retreated and the wind died down.

“Do you think it will…

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