Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redThe teenagers gather Sterno and candles, hoping to warm the room without attracting the fire elementals. Fortunately, they are successful. Brian’s theory is that the petroleum based products don’t attract them like natural items, such as wood.

“We can, indeed. Just as well I’ve got a couple gas space heaters for emergencies.”

They sat down with mugs of hot chocolate and talked about what to fix for breakfast. By the time Jordan and the women were up, the two of them had prepared a feast of waffles, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs and grits. Brian would have loved sausage and bacon, but the only thing they had was meat flavored tofu patties. That didn’t sound very appealing to either Brian or Heath, so they didn’t prepare them.

School had been cancelled for the day, due to the weather. Neither of Jordan’s parents had to go to work for the same reason…

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