Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redThey decide to go to the ice cream parlor and meet up with the Louisiana group. They want to discuss what happened with the fire elementals and the ice. Brian also wants to introduce Jordan to the others.

“Good. I want you to meet Jordan and I’ve got a story that’ll turn you white.”

Andre’s laugh was tense. “Man, that only works for a brown skinned boy like me. But I feel ya. We’ll be there soon. I finally gave into the impulse and hopped in the truck forty-five minutes ago. Meet at the same place?”

“No, the Miracle Moon Café on Main Street.”

“You seriously have a Main Street there? Didn’t think it was big enough.”

“Aw, shut up and drive. We’ll see you soon.”

Laughing, the boys hung up. The smile faded from Brian’s face when he thought about the implications of that conversation. Something had prompted Andre…

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