Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redChase joins Jordan and Brian when they meet up with the Louisiana group. Ginnfer insults Jordan somewhat, by calling her perky. However, she and the others are far more impressed when they find out that she held off a fire elemental with a greenwood stick.

“Wow, for real?” Andre sat, clasping hands with Chase. His eyes fastened on Jordan and her clingy sweater. He smiled. “Delightful to meet you, Miss Jordan.”

She smirked, raising a wary eyebrow. “Of course it is. What color are my eyes, Romeo?” She closed her eyes before he could peek.

“Um…. Green?”

Ginnifer punched Andre—hard. “My eyes are green, you idiot!”

Jordan snorted before taking a sip of her hot chocolate. Ginnifer glared at her. Brian didn’t want to see the day explode in their faces. There was too much going on for them to fight.

“Doesn’t matter,” Brian said. “I don’t care if…

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