Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redCliff Finley offers them very precise instructions on how to handle Mr. Deidrich. He also gives them a bag of blessed salt with cumin and tells them how to use it, along with a couple of words, whose meaning they don’t recognize.

He made Jordan and Brian repeat it.

“Good. Be careful. And if you need me, call. I can be here in less than five minutes.”

“Thank you.” Jordan hugged him, kissing his cheek. “I wish you could stay with us.”

“I wish I could too. Oh, nearly forgot.” He dug around in his pocket. “This is what I went after. You add this to the food before your parents eat it. It will help against whatever Deidrich’s put in the food.”

Brian looked at the packet of pale pink powder. “What is it?”

“Taste,” Mr. Finley said with a grin.

Brian licked his finger and took a tiny…

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