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Pain Killer Cover“I heard about your lady, Friend Wil. I am sorry. I shall miss her claws with mine in battle.”

Wil acknowledged the traditional Fellician tribute to a fallen warrior. “Thank you, Caprilla. She was a fine warrior, and I miss her too.” He swallowed, throat threatening to constrict.

“It is acceptable under such circumstances to feel sorrow, Friend Wil,” Caprilla told him quietly. “Even I have let tears fall, under very specific circumstances you understand.”

Wil smiled sardonically. “Yeah, when someone steps on your tail, you cry pretty loudly.”

Caprilla threw back his noble head, multiple earrings jingling in each ear, as he laughed. “How right you are, Friend Wil.” He paused for a moment, indicating with his shoulders that he would now change the subject.

“So, you go to save the universe yet again?” Caprilla shrugged one massive shoulder, his clothing straining over imposing muscles. “Did you not do…

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