Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redAfter spending the morning going over the pages, Brian asks if they can get the video tapes of him at the sleep specialist’s office, from his house. Heath agrees to take him and Jordan over.

“And here I thought it was anti-lock brakes and windshield wipers,” Jordan said.

“Get in a car on a cold day without these babies, you’ll learn to appreciate them.”

They drove slowly to Brian’s house. The storm gathered, getting worse. Visibility was poor and it took almost 10 minutes to drive the two blocks to the Casey’s house.

It was chilly in the house. Brian checked the thermostat and saw that it was around 65 degrees in the house. That didn’t make sense. The heat was on 71. A quick look around showed that the doors and windows were all closed. However, when Brian walked past the basement door, he felt a breeze. He and…

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