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Pain Killer CoverPain Killer is one of 9 short stories found in Lone Wolf Tales by Dellani Oakes available at Amazon

The hull was peppered with gunfire. Ariella ignored it as she jumped lightly into the ship. Caprilla rose swiftly into the air, cutting sharply to avoid the bullets whizzing past the heavily armored and shielded ship.

“You have excited the populace, Wilhelm,” Caprilla commented laughingly, his bright blue eyes sparkling against his ebony fur.

“Were you successful?” Ariella put the safety on her weapon, securing it beside the others on the wall.

“I think so.” Wil felt confused, as if he had walked out of a bizarre dream back into reality.

“A soldier with your experience should be more precise,” Ariella chided. “Either you were successful, or you were not.”

“I completed the mission, Ariella,” Wil replied. “Leachim is dead. It got—complicated.”

Sighing with exasperation, Ariella waved a sharp gesture of…

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