Dellani Oakes

He Thought He Saw redBrian is quite disturbed to find out that Heath has actually seen the tapes of him sleeping. Full of trepidation, he sits down with the others to watch himself.

“Will you be in here, Daddy?”

“I’ll be right here the whole time,” Miles replied.

Brian felt his eyes water. His father had always been his rock, his security. Once the sensors were in place, Brian went to bed. His father sat with him, reading books and singing to him until he fell asleep. Miles stayed by the bed, a pen and legal pad in hand.

“I’m writing down the times that he speaks and as much as I can of what he says, in order to document this in written form as well as the video.”

Brian mumbled, tossing and turning under the blankets. Miles leaned closer, listening. The sound was muffled somewhat by blankets, but the recording picked them…

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