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lone-wolf-frontWall of Time is a prequel to my Lone Wolf Series. It’s not out yet, but it will be! That being said, I like this scene and wanted to share it.

Dressed in bright red leather pants and bustier, the tall blonde sported a long, black leather duster and high, metal heeled, cowboy boots. A powerful handgun rested on her left hip. A whip graced the other.

Wil’s smile grew broader when she came up to him,Shakazhan front standing less than three inches away, her breasts brushing his chest, her hips a whisper from his. Reaching out one leather clad hand, she grabbed his crotch in a very friendly fashion. His right hand held his drink, but his left glided down her arm in a familiar caress, his cyber eye checking her hands and feet for weapons. He found plenty, smiling.

“Hello, Val, how are you?”

“I’m better now, Wil. Good…

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