Dellani Oakes

the-man-who-wasnt-thereBrian and Jordan go out for a snack and meet up with Chase and Marissa. Chase tells them that 300 years ago, the town came under attack of a group of evil witches.

“How do you know all this?” Jordan asked.

“Because my dad is an amateur historian who belongs to the historical society here. He also lectures about it all over the country. It’s kind of his thing. He even discovered why the town was called Miracle.”

“Oh?” Jordan couldn’t help being interested. She leaned toward him.

“Yeah. Cause it’s a freaking Miracle anyone believes the story you, Brian and Annie just told,” Marissa interjected. “Don’t listen to him,” she cautioned. “It’s just an old wives’ tale.”

Chase flashed her a disgusted look. “Just because you choose not to believe it, doesn’t make it any less true. It’s called Miracle because of The Tin Man.”

“Like The Wizard of…

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