Dellani Oakes

Marissa tells Brian that she has the impression that he needs to summon the Peddler. Not only does it have to be he who does it, but he has to dance—naked. Understandably upset by that announcement, Brian freaks out a little, so they leave Sweeties and go to Chase’s house.

“So, naked,” Brian said.

“Huh?” Chase, who was the only one who hadn’t heard, was immediately vigilant.

Brian explained briefly while the girls took the time to vacate by cleaning up the work space.

“So…. Naked.” Chase nodded, laughing.

“Don’t laugh or you’ll join me,” Brian snapped. “Why me? And why naked? I’m asking our folks about this. Because no f**king way!”

“Brian!” Marissa scolded.

“Hush, Marissa. If you’d been told you had to dance around with no clothing, you’d be upset too,” Jordan said. “We’ll ask Dora,” she advised. “She knows about rituals and stuff. In fact, we need…

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