Dellani Oakes

the-man-who-wasnt-thereAfter talking to Dr. Meru, Brian and Jordan share his information with the others. After that, it’s lunch time and they order pizza for a crowd.

The pizza was greeted enthusiastically, the delivery personnel even got scattered thanks from the group. When they had all eaten their fill, there was very little left. It all fit in two boxes. True to their prediction, Brian and Sweet had each eaten the better part of a whole large pizza.

“You know how on TV the mom comes in carrying one pizza box and there are like six people there?” Andre said, suppressing a burp. “I look at that and I think, She’s planning on feeding an entire family with one large pizza? Is she high?

“Apparently not, or she’d have her own pizza and make the family share,” Miles countered.

“And there’s always a piece or two left afterward,” Sweet added…

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