Dellani Oakes

the-man-who-wasnt-thereDuring the ritual, Brian finds himself elsewhere, in a land where everything is multi-hued like rainbows. He is joined by the dogs, Zofia and Janus.

The only sounds were from the animals. He couldn’t even hear the wind, though he felt the strength of it on his face. The animals led him to a rocky pool. Above him, there was a waterfall. It was about twenty feet high and could only be reached by scaling slippery rocks. Brian knew he had to climb up to the top. Taking his time, he did so. Janus and Zofia watched from far below, but some of the more agile animals went with him.

When he reached the top, he looked down. The water was crystal blue, like the azurite on the amulet around his neck. It glittered and gleamed invitingly.

“Dive in,” he heard in his head.

Brian felt compelled to walk to…

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