As many of you know, I love listening to music when I write. I don’t usually put together a specific playlist for a story, but I do like to give my characters theme songs. I particularly like to do this for such dynamic characters as Wil, Matilda and Marc. Wil is easy to find a theme song for. He’s led a life of violence, mayhem, assassination and war, leaving chaos in his wake. Any song depicting violence is a good one for him, but I have two in particular that I like. The one I usually tell people, because the title isn’t as offensive, is Bodies by Drowning Pool. The first line is “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor….” Wil’s professional life in a nutshell.

My second (and personal favorite of the two) Is Die Mother Fucker Die by Dope. Much more offensive title and lyrics (I won’t quote them, it’s pretty self-explanatory). However, since Wil isn’t politically correct by any stretch of the word, and he’s not above offending everyone in the room – and twice on Sundays – it’s a perfect song for him.

Matilda is much milder of temperament. She has a big heart and loves easily. Life has made her wary, but finding Wil makes her feel alive and free again. She also has two theme songs. One is Coming Back to Life by Pink Floyd. This song carries her through Lone Wolf and Shakazhan, but in The Maker, her circumstances change. Her theme song becomes Shipwrecked by Shane Alexander. The haunting lyrics echo her plight and fills the listener with love of something lost, and longing – no spoilers.

Marc is a little harder to pin down. While he has his warrior side, he also has his soft, warm, loving side. Before Wil arrives, Marc is there, loving and caring for Matilda. Once Wil enters their lives, he is put aside, finding Becky to love and marry. Despite all this, he still loves Matilda and always will care for her. His song finally came to me, I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton.

With a tip of the hat at Ben and Ray, who are also integral parts of these tales, I had to add a couple songs for them, Marc and Wil collectively. Warriors of the World by Manowar was the first to come to mind. However, Wil and Ben always tease one another that when they die, they’ll take over hell. Given what they’ve had to do in life, neither of them expects to go to heaven. Therefore, the final theme song is In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company by The Dead South.

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