Dellani Oakes

the man who wasnt thereBrian uses his powers to help Noel and Trista, stuck under debris when the shed collapses. He and a couple of other boys help get them out so that the EMTs can transport them to the hospital.

He nodded. Once they were all well clear of the building, he let it settle to the ground. He lost control the last six inches, dropping it. A puff of dust and a soft thud were the only indication that the wall had fallen.

Exhausted, he wandered toward the front of the school. Stumbling over his feet, he went around the building rather than through it. He found Jordan sitting on the front steps next to Chase, Marissa and Mrs. Finley.

When she saw him, Jordan hopped up and ran to him. “What was all that?” she asked, as if he were somehow the odd occurrence expert.

“No idea.”

“It felt very specific,”…

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