Dellani Oakes

the man who wasnt thereAfter reading some original documents, Brian discovers that the wording has been altered. Instead of quick lime and bitter herbs, the witches were buried with bitumen. They realize that this could have caused a massive explosion, possibly brought on when Cliff tried to ward his property. Brian and Jordan go to the hospital to be with Chase and bring him a care package for the night.

Chase nodded, his lips trembling. Tears rolled down his cheeks. “Thank you. He was pretty great.”

Jordan took his hand, kissing the back of it. “I’ll never forget whacking at that damn elemental with two green sticks covered in marshmallow goo.” She sniffled and laughed. “I was freaking out and you guys took care of me. I remember, I almost slapped your mother.”

Chuckling, Chase nodded. “Lord, I thought you two were gonna have a fight right there. Dad said that took a steel…

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