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character-quotes-imageLord Roeder’s Mine is a prequel to the Lone Wolf Series which chronicles the life of Edmund Dulac, Matilda’s father, father before he joins GMS The Flotilla.

Ed was finishing up his second cup of joe when Tarvo walked in. He got himself a cup of joe and an energy bar. He brought them to Ed’s table, sitting down with comfortable familiarity. His long, lean body seemed to bend almost double as he hunched over the table.

“So,” he said with a slow grin. “You did it, you bug assed, metal balled bastard. How the hell do you consistently find the biggest deposits of Trimagnite?”

Ed shrugged, spreading his hands with a grin of his own. “No idea, my friend. It’s a gift.”

“Or a curse,” Tarvo added cynically. He’d been working Trimagnite stations nearly seventeen years. “Why it hasn’t driven you completely, baldfaced crazy, I’ll never know.”


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