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among-the-shine-clan-coverFiddlestix explains that she thinks McLain sent the cyber warriors in on purpose, to attack the Shine Clan and punish them for how they had treated him. She further says that her team was sent, in hopes they would all die at the hands of the warriors, or the Shine Clan. Deacon doesn’t want to believe her, and storms out of their meeting.

“Could I talk to Deacon alone? Maybe without everyone else around, we could hammer this out.”

“Sometimes having to be in command in front of an audience makes it hard to think logically,” Frank agreed. “When you have to be strong, defiant…. I think talking to him is a good idea.”

“But will he do it?” Jasper asked his uncle.

“Hell if I know, boy. But I’ll ask.” He rose hesitantly as if his wounds had stiffened while he was sitting down. Grasping his side, he limped…

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