Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverThe Center Circle takes their meeting to Cynthia’s house. Neil is still a little off balance, with the people he doesn’t know. Adele Beauchamps says something about how unsettling it was to lose Cliff, and Neil loses his temper.

Standing abruptly, Neil dashed into the woods. Voices rose behind him, but only one person followed. He had a sense of who it was before they caught up. Heath put his hand on Neil’s shoulder.

“Obviously, we haven’t all considered the impact of this on you. We threw Cynthia into the breach and now, we’re demanding it of you. You have the right to refuse. But I’m hoping you won’t. I want my friend—my brother—to join us. Not only do I need you here, like the air I breathe, I know your strength will help us all. We’re hanging on by a thread, Neil. It’s slender and frayed. Adele doesn’t mean…

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