Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverAt the Braxton house, Brian and David have a very honest chat about being part of the Circle.

David didn’t say anything. He reached out, taking Brian’s hand in his. His knuckles were swollen with age and gnarled by hard work. He wasn’t much over sixty, but his illness had aged him. He projected peace and contentment at Brian and watched as the red maelstrom eased and subsided.

“You’re right. I let my boy down. I honestly thought he’d be the one. He was always so much stronger than his sister, not just physically, but emotionally. Cool as a cucumber even in the worst circumstances. Grace under fire, I guess you could call it. He’s come round the hard way, but here he is, full circle. And I do believe you’re right about Chase. Next to you, he’s the strongest member you’ve got. Boy doesn’t know his own abilities fully…

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