Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverWhen Brian and Jordan get to school, they are greeted by Marissa, who is furious with Brian. Jordan tells her to get over herself, and channel the energy into working through her problems with Chase.

Brian planted a soft kiss on her forehead. They tried to avoid too much intimacy at school, but he couldn’t keep from touching her. “Have I told you lately just how incredible you are, Jordan Barrett?”

“Nope. Slacker.” She grinned up at him, making a kiss face at him.

She opened her locker as he fiddled with his. There was a note in his locker, his name written in scraggly, black pencil. He didn’t touch it, examining it with his powers first. Determining that it wasn’t something tainted, he flipped it open with a pencil.

“I’m watching you,” it said. That was all.

“What’s that? Fan mail?” Jordan asked, ducking under his arm.

“No idea…

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