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character-quotes-imageDark Rock is a sci-fi novella I’m working on, based in a (sort of) Cyberpunk world.

“What was Archer trying to tell us?” Hennasy broke in.

“They’ve tapped into security and taken over the network.” Jade replied. “We’re flying blind.”

“Can we take it back?”

“Up to another team,” Hawk answered. “Archer could do it with his eyes closed. Poor bastard.”

“I can do it,” a boyish voice came over the headset. It wasn’t one that Jade recognized.

“Name’s Jon Armstrong, but you can call me Tweak.”

“I’m gonna call you a hero if you can give me control,” Hennasy replied. “Go for it, kid.”

“Going for it, sir.”

“Hawk, y’all don’t move a muscle until he’s finished.”

“Done,” they heard just as Hennasy said finished.

“That was quick.”

“It was easy. See, I just….”

“Don’t wanna know how, boy. You on the ground?”

“Yes, Colonel. I’m with Delta…

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