Cereal Authors

character-quotes-image“It might interest you to know that we have something in common, other than our military affiliation.” He leaned closer. “My totem is the Condor, too.”

Dark Moon leaned forward eagerly. “Really? You aren’t just saying that?”

He squinted at her, frowning. “Why would I?”

“You’ll be surprised what men will say to a woman.”

“You mean a beautiful woman they want to bed.”

Dark Moon flushed, attacking her food with renewed vigor.

Captain Hardaway chuckled. “Sergeant Armstrong, if I were hitting on you, I’d be a lot less public about it. You’re hot as seven kinds of hell, but I like my Captain’s bars.”

Dark Moon chewed and swallowed, her near black eyes focused on his light blue ones.

“Men don’t always care about subtlety, a fact I’m well aware of. If this meal is your idea of a reward, or seduction maneuver, it falls short.”

Hardaway threw his…

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