Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done cover smallAs they get things ready for the Circles to gather, Jackie set out a new crystal skull, which Jordan is immediately attracted to. Brian’s skull, Lester, is highly attracted too. A bolt of energy enters her skull, from Brian’s, giving them both quite a jolt.

They practiced on grapes, since these were small and plentiful. They also had a skin not dissimilar to human flesh in density and thickness. Their juicy interior was a good substitute for muscle. It took a few tries, but soon they grew more confident. With only a few mistakes, they all felt fairly confident that they could do the branding on everyone, including Elise and other small children. Overall, the women had a more delicate touch, but Derrick, Caleb and Neil had more control than anyone else. Brian was accurate, but his spell was a little too penetrating. He went completely through a few grapes…

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