Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done cover smallAfter the Binding ceremonies, Chase and Marissa are talking. Suddenly, he senses movement behind him. Turning his back to it, he pushes Marissa down to protect her. Unfortunately, whatever it is, hits him and he goes down.

Brian and Jordan had very pointedly left their friends behind, delighted that they had made a committment to one another. Pleased with the outcome of the night, they were wrapped up in one another, kissing happily.

A scream ripped the happy silence.

“Marissa!” Jordan yelled, pushing away from Brian.

He followed, overtaking and passing her easily. He stopped a few feet from Chase, assessing the situation. He was face down on the ground, his skin an ugly, mottled color with dark lines following the pattern of his veins. Marissa squatted beside him, tugging at something in his left shoulder.

“Don’t touch it!” Brian said. “Get Claude,” he told Jordan.

Scanning the woods, he…

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