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character-quotes-imageWil chuckled with relief, taking the box from Caprilla. “Yeah, Cap. We isolated it right as you pulled the plug. From the signature, I’d say it’s Riley’s ghost ship. I don’t know what else to call it. The damn thing doesn’t fit into any known class of ship. It’s like a tweaked yacht.”

Caprilla inclined his head in Wil’s direction, wiggling his ears, his whiskers vibrating indignantly. “Tweaked? What is tweaked? It sounds like something a bird does.”

Wil chuckled at his friend’s consternation. “It means you improve something to make it work better. This is a cross between a luxury yacht and a Stellar Fighter class ship.”

Caprilla looked offended. “I have a Stellar Fighter class ship. This ghost, as you call him, could he take on my ship and survive?”

“I don’t have enough data, but I’d guess that he could take you one on one.”

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