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playground-front“Who’s in charge? I can’t keep having to second guess them and I can’t have that bloody doctor undermining me and Connor. I thought military decisions were Connor’s?” Vik complained.

“They are, but Stan won’t give up command of the telepaths. I’ve tried, Vik. Unless I want to tie him up and put dampeners on him, I have no choice but to allow him to continue. I know it’s not an ideal arrangement….” Wil replied.

“Not ideal?” Vik’s voice rose to a near shriek. “No, it’s just not going to work if he doesn’t allow us to do our jobs. He can be in charge of them all he wants, but he can’t change a direct order like that.”

“So he’s in charge but has no authority?”


Wil stood, shaking his head, a half smile tugging his lips.

Vik’s head drooped forward, and a muffled chuckle was heard. “All…

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