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character-quotes-imageTwo women stopped to see what the trouble was. Sobbing, incoherent, she tried to explain. They took her back inside, leading her to the store office where the assistant manager called Kirk at their hotel.

He opened his eyes groggily, frowning at the offending piece of electrical equipment, reaching for it reluctantly. “Yes?”

“Mr. Nunne?”


“Maggie Longstreet here at the Wal-Mart, sir. Hello.”

“Yeah? Sup, Maggie?”

“We have your wife here in the office. Apparently, someone stole your car while she was shopping.”

Kirk was immediately awake. “What? Our car? Drea? May I speak to her?”

“She’s pretty upset. I’ll try.”

The phone fumbled and scrabbled for a moment. Then he heard some fretful sniffling.

“Drea? Darling, what’s wrong?”

“Someone stole the car!” She wailed. “It was right there! I locked it, I swear! I got our things and it was gone. And I’m sitting in the office in…

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